Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable Contacts

Daily disposable lenses offer a healthy and convenient way to wear contact lenses.

With disposable contact lenses a fresh pair of lenses can be worn each day ensuring healthy eyes. Plus, daily disposable contact lenses are really convenient as everything is included, meaning that no solution, lens case and maintenance are required.

Daily disposables are also a great option for those who still want to wear glasses and use lenses for occasional use. May be just for evenings out or for the occasional game of football?

Monthly Disposable Contacts

Monthly disposable contact lenses are designed to be worn for 1 month before being disposed of. While monthly disposable lens types don?t have the same benefits from low maintenance that daily disposable lenses do, they typically offer better optics, and high grade materials for maximum comfort.

Other monthly disposal contacts are ?high definition? lenses, which have superior night vision, and a reduction in glare. Monthly lenses typically help a wider range of patients as they cover a bigger range of prescriptions.

Monthly lenses are also made in astigmatic corrections and multifocal designs combining both reading and distance in each lens. Some monthly lenses are extended wear, meaning they can be worn during the day and the night for as long as a month before they require any form of disposal.